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Stephen D'Agostino and Bill Bakker of Grosbeak Gardens
by Guest Blogger Posted April 15, 2014

Burn & Build Body is lucky to have Grosbeak Gardens as our country neighbors. We thought you'd enjoy being introduced to them.

by Rick April 1, 2014

Summers in the Napa Valley can be brutally hot, not that “wet” east coast hot, but a ‘bake you dry’ hot. It was one of those days, I’d started it out early with a long morning run on the crusty earth of the vineyards. Life can seem flawless there with its blue-sky cool mornings and smell of ripe grapes.

Marisa Merliss
by Guest Blogger March 16, 2014

I was being portrayed as a picture of health
in the fitness industry, highlighted in the most popular
fitness magazines and workouts, but I was crumbling 
the inside. I felt like a fraud and a prisoner in my
own body, desperate to feel well again.

Rick Dinihanian, celebrity fitness trainer, author and lifestyle coach
by Rick March 5, 2014

You know how every time you buy an appliance or big-ticket item – like that new flat screen – you get hit up at the end of the sale for the purchase of an extended warranty. The sales person will imply that the extended warranty will guarantee you results for as long as you are going to want to keep your shiny new toy.

by Guest Blogger February 17, 2014

Acupuncture for weight loss?

Did you know that acupuncture can help support you in your weight loss goals? Along with a balanced diet and a regular exercise program, weekly acupuncture treatments can help to curb your appetite and cut down on unhealthy cravings.  

James Houston
by Guest Blogger February 1, 2014

The higher your vibration & energy the closer you are to attracting all the great stuff that you have imagined for yourself.

Meditation is a wonderful thing. It releases stress, relaxes your mind and allows you to really connect with your inner self.  Once you get into the habit of a daily meditation practice you notice that when you don’t do it things don’t flow as smoothly. You feel...

Common foods to avoid
by Guest Blogger January 22, 2014

Burn & Build Body promotes healthy eating. That extends to what's put into a food and how it's raised. Here are 10 unhealthy / toxic foods – Put these foods on your "Do Not Eat" list!

Rick Dinihanian photographed by Larry Kiessel
by Rick January 1, 2014

The day after any event, particularly New Year's eve always feels like a fresh opportunity, a chance for anything we want to happen. The last year closed it's books, so how did we do? What did we learn and more importantly... what do we passionately want now?

by Guest Blogger December 18, 2013

Be open to new possibilities in 2014 by allowing change in your life – James Houston
Over the last twelve months I have experienced, enjoyed and, sometimes, resisted change in my life. I was struggling to let go of some constants and securities in my life. As I was moving forward to embrace new ones I found myself resisting, and being frustrated by, these changes.

by Rick December 1, 2013

Sometimes our bodies give our mouths an ultimatum and we are forced to create a new relationship with food. That’s happened to me in the past and the health issues that gave me warnings are not my favorite experiences to recollect.

A detox or cleanse is sometimes all we require to have a lifestyle reset. It gets us feeling great again... but it's what we have we learned and what we do with it that will give us the best results.

AJ Karlovich
by Guest Blogger November 23, 2013

"My 14-Day Detox results were
nothing more than transformational,
and even better – long lasting."
 – AJ Karlovich 

It's cloudy today, and as I often do, I find myself staring out the window. Perhaps it's a constant metaphor to my life. Dreams seem to always be tapping on my window pane. Upstate New York, Brooklyn, Milan, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Manhattan, Eastern Washington, Jackson Hole – I...