Posted by Rick Dinihanian on Jan 22nd 2017

The Hotel Gym Workout

I love coming back from a trip feeling energized and more fit than when I left. You will too, if you take this program along with you. It’ll help you knock out your training anywhere. Most hotel gyms always have dumbells, and this workout is built around them.

While it's great for those with experience with weight training, for those of you who are just getting started, you may need some instruction first. Don’t use lack of experience as an excuse to sidestep exercise. Almost anyone can use cardio equipment and do simple abdominal and floor exercises.


Warm Up:

  • Warm up for each weight workout with 5 to 15 minutes of cardio.

How Many:

  • Complete three sets of 12 repetitions for each weight exercise.
  • Target three sets of 25 repetitions for each abdominal exercise.
  • If you can’t do these numbers, set a benchmark that’s just above what you think you can do and make that your personal goal.

Cardio Tips:

  • Do 20 to 40 minutes of “interval training” on your cardio days.
  • If you don’t have the endurance or time for 40-minutes of morning cardio, get up, grab some coffee and hit the gym before breakfast for a 20-minute cardio blast, then come back at the end of the day before dinner and give yourself another 20 minutes. (As an added bonus, you won’t feel guilty if you eat dessert.)
  • Do your morning cardio before eating to efficiently burn body fat.

Travel Workout Fuel:

  • One scoop of Rockit Fuel will give you sustained energy and alertness without a caffeine spike and crash. It's also exceptional at helping with "jet lag", electrolyte replacement and hydration. Rockit Fuel is also available in shiny silver single serving packets called Rockit Shots.
  • Follow your workout with a Protein Lean Power Food shake to feed your muscles and speed recovery.


Day 1: Chest & Triceps
Flat bench, dumbbell chest press
Incline bench, dumbbell chest press
Flat bench, dumbbell flys
Decline pushups with your feet on a bench
Triceps dumbbell kickbacks
Triceps bench dips

Day 2: Cardio & Abs
Cardio: Running, walking, bicycle, eliptical trainer or starimaster
Bent knee leg raises
Oblique crunches

Day 3: Back & Biceps
Dumbbell row
Pull ups
Dumbbell biceps curl
Dumbbell hammer curl

Day 4: Cardio & Abs
Knee-in on bench
Stability ball abdominal crunches
Stability ball oblique crunches

Day 5: Legs & Shoulders
Squats and lunges
Seated leg extensions (if a machine is available)
Seated dumbbell shoulder press
Side deltoid: Seated lateral raise
Anterior or front deltoid: Standing forward raise
Posterior deltoid: Seated bent-over raise

Day 6: Cardio & Abs
Cardio: Running, walking, bicycle, eliptical trainer or starimaster
Flat bench ab (or on a mat) crunches
Flat bench ab (or on a mat) bicycle
Flat bench (or on a mat) Russian Twist