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Company Mission
Burn & Build Body's purpose is to provide healthy lifestyle programs and the highest quality vegan protein and supplements.
Our work is the manifestation of my lifelong passion for helping others achieve a healthy, vibrant and physically fit lifestyle.
Burn & Build Body is immensely grateful to our consultants, friends and supporters including Dr. Louis Re, Dr. Vincent Portera, Dr. Maryanne Traviglone DAOM L.Ac, Brian Boye, Michelle Kessler, Dianne Des Roches, Cheyenne Jackson, Cynthia Nixon, Padma Lakshmi, Jessica Lange, Bobbi Brown, Marcia Gay Harden, Ryan Murphy, cast members of Orange is the New Black, American Horror Story, and Broadway theatre cast members of Kinky Boots, Wicked, Mama Mia and Book of Mormon. Their encouragement has been invaluable helping us spread the word about health and our programs.
We launched Burn & Build Body in January of 2011 with our signature program, the 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox Kit, – a food-based metabolic cleanse that is non-deprivational and user friendly – heralding in a new era in detoxification and weight loss. It is based on science, combining supplementation and healthy eating. Other products followed, including our vegan Protein Lean Power Food which is crafted in small batches... all with the same attention to quality and detail. Our newest program, the Fit Kit – brings a 7-Day renewal  program which is within reach of anyone.
We demand only the highest quality non-GMO ingredients in our formulations. If we don't like the taste, it will never be in our store. All of our supplements are made under strict control in the United States in cGMP quality approved facilities. All are non-GMO and allergen free.
We believe that great change, even planetary change, begins with a shift within each of us. When we become healthier, the world around us becomes healthier. Creating health within ourselves is the greatest gift we can give to those who love us. Thank you for joining us on this journey.
– Rick Dinihanian
What Drives Us – Our Core Values
If you stand for something, you can make the biggest difference. Do you ever ask yourself why you are doing something? Our seven core values are the reason for our why.


An Introduction by Marcia Gay Harden

Like so many other post-baby, nearing “fifty”, overworked, overstressed, and (whine) under appreciated women, I was looking for a genie in a bottle when it came to exercise and health. The quick fix, the painless diet, the yoga exercises done during the mad dash for the school bus, and the exercise program which would work if you just thought about it.

Enter Rick Dinihanian: a genie in a pair of gym shorts. His near perfectly ripped body – at 60 years old – puts most 20 year old models to shame. His body is his business card; here is a man who leads by example, who says “you can look great – no matter what your age”, and has the pecs to back it up. Then out of the mouth of the genie comes the hard truth, but told in a soft, yet piercing manner. “There is no quick fix. There will be a daily check-in. There will be early morning exercise to boost metabolism. you WILL see results.” 

His belief in himself, and in me, were my first inspiration. Meeting three times a week, we began a holistic approach to bring diet, exercise, and my well-being in harmony. Using only positives (no wining allowed) Rick introduced me to his Detox program – I LOVED THE DETOX – along with a toning process and an attitude change. There were specific readjustments made to my vegetarian diet to include more protein without adding meat. I was delighted that Burn & Build Body's Protein Lean and Optimal Healing Formula are vegan. Within the first two weeks, my energy change was palpable, I was losing weight, and the post-baby middle was shrinking.

What makes Rick different, however, from many other trainers and health coaches, is his generosity of spirit, and time, as he checked in with me daily, analyzing food, sleep, drink, exercise, schedule, will power, and energy. His concern for my spirit is what gives him Genie status. His ability to understand how easy it is to “stray” from a program (especially with three kids, and hectic acting schedules) but still to find ways to help me get back on track, keeps me motivated.

And his writings about the benefits of fitness related to super-sex... well....um...let me just do another sit up.

– Marcia Gay Harden

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