...These products by Burn & Build Body have changed my life drastically. Dairy-free... vegan, and gluten free – yet crazy delicious. My trainer, Craig Ramsay, introduced me to Rick and Steven, who created this program – and I'm telling you, I don't feel deprived, I don't feel tired, and my body at 39 is better than it was at 25.
–Cheyenne Jackson 

Rick gives practical guidance about detoxing and “maintaining” during a busy life, and about falling off the wagon and landing in a pop-tart, brushing off your mouth with no shame and getting back to start over.
– Anika Noni Rose

I recommend the 14-Day Detox to my nutrition patients because it is based on science for optimal wellness. In my opinion, it’s the best food based detox available.
– Dr. Vincent Portera 

Rick introduced me to his detox program – I loved the Detox... within two weeks, my energy change was palpable, I was losing weight, and my post -baby middle was shrinking.
– Marcia Gay Harden

I always counted on Rick’s inspirational coaching and gentle manner to support me in getting stronger, more energetic and feeling healthier for my performances...
– Jessica Lange

I just completed my eighth Burn & Build Body Detox – and lost 7 pounds in the process.  I have been using the Detox twice a year since 2011 (the first one you sent to me in December 2010!).  It is the best way that I have ever found to help me keep my weight and my healthy lifestyle in balance.  The accompanying booklet makes it very simple to track my progress as well as to be certain that I am eating the right foods.  What I especially appreciate about the Detox is the ease with which one can begin the process.  The menu suggestions for the first five days make it fairly simple to begin the Detox program. After the fifth day, I usually feel as if I am on a roll!  
– Ron Crutcher, President University of Virginia

I finished my 14-Day Detox on Sunday and feel great. Have more energy, my clothes are a little looser and my skin even looks better. Following up with the Protein Lean Power Food Diet to help me reach my goals. Thanks for your great products!

– Rose Andrikos

This is the best Detox I have ever done (and I have done several from juices to 10 day brown rice) because of the transitions into it and more importantly the transition out of it. Because you eat during the Detox, habits and behaviors shift and you can truly create new patterns. Also Steven and Rick really live it – and their passion and dedication flows through to the development of the products.
– Dianne Des Roches, CEO, AR New York 

I Just finished the 14-Day Detox and LOVED IT – on to a Maintenance Kit now. Who knew you could detox and not feel deprived of anything?
– David Bennett

I’m on day 6 of your cleanse, and I am loving it! 
– Pam Yoss

I would recommend the Burn & Build Body 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox Kit. I’ve done my share of juice diets and cleanses and this one actually kept me feeling strong, not starved.... those supplements rock!

– Bobbi Brown,  CCO, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

I like how the 14-Day Detox uses good science and simple practical steps for for a healthier body – I use this and I recommend it to my patients, and they are loving it.
– Dr. Maryanne Travaglione DAOM, LAC 
Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Day 8 of my Detox, I feel fantastic! Clothes are fitting better, I have prepared my food for the week and my  brain is thinking more clearly than ever. I am loving my results!
– Crissy Denayer

I was recommended to the 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox Kit in preparation for my wedding. I lost 8 pounds, I feel great, skin looks great and the dark under my eyes is gone.
Adam Neeley, Actor TV's The Shaws of Sunset 

The Detox -- Amazing !!!! I lost 20 pounds and learned to eat healthier – a lifestyle that I have now maintained for six months and counting!
– Stuart Marland, Actor Broadway's Newsies

Just finished day 14 and WOW is all I can say. Oh yes, and THANK YOU for creating such a great product and, really, a way of life! I feel truly incredible. I have lost about 5 pounds to date (and getting complements every day), my skin looks radiant, I have more energy than I remember in years, my muscle is much more defined, and I have discovered a new way of eating well! 
– Patrick Healy

I finished the 14-Day Detox and am feeling great!! Much more energy, clarity and a slimmer waist. Love how my clothes fit now! I’m going to stay on this lifestyle path, it’s super-healthy for me. I’m going to follow-up with the Protein Lean Power Food Diet! Thank you for having this amazing Detox at such a great price.
– Michelle Margolin-Behar-Rasnow

The 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox: After the first few days, I noticed some positive results. I slept better and woke-up more refreshed in the morning.  My energy was steady throughout the day and I never felt hungry. I highly recommend it.
– Rich Fitter, Editor, Men’s Exercise

I recommend Burn & build Body to all my clients at One-2-One Fitness. Only the best!
– Jeanine Seeger, Founder, One-2-One Fitness

Rockit Fuel Formula 110 is amazing at giving me energy and curbing my appetite throughout the day. It doesn't make you jittery like caffeine or hurt my tummy. But it's really just a gentle support that is incredibly powerful. It has B vitamins, Taurine and Ginseng. It's one of the few fitness products that has really surprised me with its natural effectiveness. 
– Padma Lakshmi, TV Host, Top Chef, Cookbook Author

Let me just say I would not make it through my day without this magic powder - Rockit Fuel! I just love this stuff... it's a supplement I add to my water, but has NO SUGAR which I love!
– Amanda de Cadenet,  Celebrity Photographer, TV Host -The Conversation

I’m on the last day of the Detox!!! I did pretty well... Love that Optimal Healing Formula shake! You’ll see a difference in me.
– Rosie Zingales

14 Days have come and gone, I’ve lost 9 lbs of body fat and I am detoxed. I feel great! Your Optimal Healing Formula smoothies are the best, I love them!
– Stephen D'Agostino 

The Optimal Healing Formula vanilla bean shake with almond milk had me at first sip!
– Andrea Lockett

Loving this Optimal Healing Formula! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I didn't weigh myself on day one of my 14-Day Detox, but I do know that my costumes are fitting better, and everyone is noticing! Looking forward to the healthy and hotter me!
– Robert Pendilla, Broadway Actor - Kinky Boots

"I always skipped breakfast before school. Now I can’t wait for my morning Chocolate Protein Lean shake. I make it with a banana and almond milk. I’m not tired in my morning classes now – and I love having more energy."
– Siena Singh, Highschool Student

I just started my day with a vanilla-rasberry smoothie using Protein Lean Power Foodvanilla cream and it was DELICIOUS!
– Tim Bish, Tim Bish Wellness

In my creative profession, I’m always faced with stressful situations and looming deadlines. The 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox has helped me stay healthy, lean and look and feel my best. I recommend it highly!
– Raul Martinez, Creative Director, VOGUE Magazine

The 14-Day Detox is incredibly brilliant - easy to understand and so well thought out. I absolutely love the program. It takes into account the reality of our need and love of food and it’s framed in a smart evaluative approach. That means you come out at the end feeling healthier and stronger, but also informed of the results of the food choices you make.
– Alasdair Lloyd-Jones

The Detox was GREAT! It definitely put me back on track with better eating habits. I am much more aware of what foods make me feel good, and which ones make me feel sluggish. I just recommended it to a new client.
– Simone De La Rue, Founder, Body By Simone

My body really changed – so much leaner and I lost body fat from places I normally find tricky to lose it from... I’m so happy about it – I’m scheduling new photos for next week!
– Deone Zanotto, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Body by Simone

I Just finished my 14-Day Detox and I have never felt better! 12 pounds of fat down and more energy than ever! Mental clarity, focus, motivation – it is unreal. This program works EVEN BETTER than described and the support and guidance from Rick throughout has been Amazing. I 100% recommend this Detox to anyone – it was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time and I am excited to carry on with all the healthy living practices I learned throughout. Do it!
– Joel Arnold

I found the Burn & Build Body 14-Day Detox balanced and sustainable. I enjoyed the supplementation aspect which includes various herbs which are deeply cleansing to the liver.
– Ayla Yavin, MS LAC, Acupuncturist

Rick Guided me through his diet while I was preparing for a film, and the results were amazing.... and it worked, fast!
– Marcus Chait

In gearing up for my New York Fashion Week runway debut, I’m starting an amazing 14-Day Detox program created by my friends Dr. Steven Margolin and Rick Dinihanian. Oprah had it on her O-List and it’s used by models and celebrities to refine their shape in the healthiest way. 
– Lawrence Zarian, "The Fashion Guy", TV Personality & Author

After a few days on Dr. Margolin’s Detox diet I felt better. My skin looked better... and I had more energy.
– Kyan Douglas, TV Personality, Author