The 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox Kit

Jump start your transformation program with a detox and cleanse. Our 14-Day Detox is a great way to do just that. It supports: reduction of belly bloat, elimination of body waste buildup, supports your colon, digestive system, kidneys and lymph system as well as the liver’s natural detoxification process. Our cleanse will help you feel lighter and more energized. No harsh chemical laxatives, no fasting, and the supplements – which include a probiotic – are in a convenient single serving packet.
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S T R O N G,   H E A L T H Y  &  E N E R G E T I C   

User Friendly Metabolic, Gastrointestinal and Anti-Inflammatory Detoxification Program

Supercharge your metabolism with the 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox Kit. 
It's one secret to living long, energetically and powerfully. 

Detoxification is an important part of any lifestyle or fitness program to support the body in functioning at its best. Long term exposure to multiple pollutants slows our “support organs” causing our metabolic functions to be sluggish and be less effective. These accumulated toxins make us fat, create illness and age us.

It is essential to restore the integrity of the liver, kidneys and intestines in order to look and feel our best. This user friendly Burn & Build Body program does just that. All necessary supplements, meal guidelines and a delicious protein powder that mixes as a shake, are part of the Kit. Moderate exercise is encouraged (even a regular walking program) to amplify all of the positive results of this program. With your detox:

You will eat.
You will maintain your lean muscle.
You will see results.

You’ll lose body fat, but you won’t lose muscle. You will become stronger, eliminate bloating and boost your energy and your metabolism, increase your immunity, refresh your skin and sleep better.

The Complete 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox Kit will cleanse your body of health-robbing toxins and your mind of enthusiasm-robbing misconceptions of healthy eating.

Following a simple step-by-step plan, you will eliminate toxins that have accumulated in your body. With these toxins gone, your natural detoxification system – your liver, kidney, lymph and digestive system will work better. Your metabolism will increase and your bones and joints will ache less. Fat cells store toxins – eliminate those toxins and your fat cells have less reason to hang around...
14-Day Anti-Aging Detox Kit
14-Days and 3 Easy Steps to a New You

During the first 5 days of your 14-day Burn & Build Body Anti-aging Detox, the main focus is to reduce or eliminate potential allergens, processed foods and irritants to your system using Burn & Build Body Clearing and Support Packs. The convenient supplement packs are easy to take herbal based “pills”.

During days 6 through 12, you will incorporate the Optimal Healing Formula (taken as a vanilla flavored “shake” or beverage) along with the Clearing and Support Packs. This formula provides further removal of toxins from the liver and kidneys and gastrointestinal track while providing nutrients and 26 grams of protein to keep your body strong. (A portable mixer bottle is included with the supplements).

On days 13 and 14 you prepare your transition to a healthy “post-detox” while continuing with the Optimal Healing Formula shakes and Clearing and Support Packs.

You will be able to track your progress daily in the 14-day Food and Exercise Journal provided in your 14-Day guide book. The 36-page Anti-Aging Detox Program Guide book has easy-to-follow instructions, a menu guide, shopping and cooking tips and a daily log for tracking your progress.

Program highlights
There is power in taking control of our lives. On the detox, power begins with food. The detox effects will reach far beyond the clean-physical newness one experiences and can lead to a renewed confidence, energy and enthusiasm for the adventures of life.

  • You eat 3 meals and 2 snacks daily
  • You will keep your lean muscle
  • You will boost your metabolism
  • You will improve nutrient absorption
  • You will reduce muscle and joint pain

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Food and Diet Information
The Burn & Build Body Lifestyle section has information on the types of foods we recommend. You can view this from the links below, or the navigation bar at the top of any of our pages.

Getting Started
Eating Guidelines
Meals & Snacks
10 Detox Tips
Healthy Shopping
Healthy Cooking
Detox Drinks

You will re-experience a joyful relationship to food. Food fuels us, gives us energy, muscle and vitality. Some foods cause food allergies, sensitivity or toxic reactions creating inflammation, illness and aging.

During the 14-Days known food allergens and toxic foods are eliminated. Along with the Detox, the food you eat will support your healthy renewal. All parts of The 14-Day Detox are intended to be user friendly – you will not have to purchase exotic or unusual foods to do the detox.

On the 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox you will eliminate these foods:

  • All wheat and gluten containing foods
  • Dairy products
  • Corn, White rice, white potatoes
  • Peanuts and peanut butter
  • Shellfish, seafood without fins and a tail
  • Refined sugars, artificial "sugars"
  • Deli meats, sausage and red meat
  • Highly salted food
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Heavily processed foods
  • Coffee and alcoholic beverages
  • Sodas and soft drinks.

All the supplements you will require for the 14-day program including:

  • One Optimal Healing Formula Canister
  • One Clearing and Support Pack Container
  • 36 Page Guide Book and Food & Exercise Log
  • Bonus – Portable Mixer Bottle

For Post-Detox Nutritional Support:
For post-detox nutritional support we recommend our Ultimate Wellness Kit. 
Drink one shake per day as a snack or meal replacement and take one vitamin packet with lunch. 
See more information about our Ultimate Wellness Kit.

For Post-Detox Maintenance:
For those wishing to continue with an ongoing gentle detoxification we recommend using our Detox Maintenance Kit. 
Drink one shake per day as a snack or meal replacement and take one detox packet with lunch. 
See more information about the Detox Maintenance Kit.

Re-Toxing and Re-Detoxing
Our bodies re-accumulate toxins even with the healthiest of lifestyles and diets. This 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox program is designed to be utilized twice a year for those wishing to create and maintain optimum health and vitality.

Always consult with your licensed health care practitioner prior to starting any health, fitness, dietary or detoxification program. This detoxification program should not be used by pregnant or lactating women. The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The Complete 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox Kit

Clearing and Support Packs:
Convenient detoxification packets each containing one serving of multi-vitamins, minerals  and herbal supplements. Packets are scheduled to be taken with food at meals. More Information.

Optimal Healing Formula:
A natural vanilla flavored medical grade food powder you mix with water or other healthy liquids. Optimal Healing Formula is scheduled to be taken as a beverage or “shake” in place of a snack or meal. More information.

Program Guide Book:
Our guide book will give you an understanding of your detoxification program, an easy to follow guide for each step, a quick reference chart, food shopping and cooking tips, whole food eating menu suggestions, post-detox information and a 14-Day Food and Exercise Journal to track your progress and keep you motivated.

Our custom 28-oz. BPA-free easy to clean blender bottle. It’s a portable way to make your Optimal Healing Formula shake!

Directions: Follow the specific directions for both products as outlined in the 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox Kit Guidebook. Store products in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate.


Always consult with your licensed health care practitioner prior to starting any health, fitness, dietary or detoxification program. This detoxification program should not be used by pregnant or lactating women. The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease. This is not a vegan program. The Clearing and Support Packs have gel capsules and a non-vegetarian supplement.

Q. How many times can I do this program each year?
A. We recommend doing the 14 -Day Anti-Aging Detox program 2 times yearly. It is a great way to either keep your body strong and healthy or, if your choices have not been as supportive as you would have liked them to be, get back on track and kick start your metabolism
Q. What kinds of food do I eat (and not eat) on this program?
A. The Burn & Build Body Lifestyle section has information on the types of foods we recommend. You can view this by visiting "Lifestyle" in the navigation bar at the top of this page. You find articles on: Getting Started, Eating Guidelines, Meals & Snacks, 10 Detox Tips, Healthy Shopping Healthy Cooking
Q. If I am currently taking medications or supplementation, should I stop?
A. If you are taking prescribed medications or supplementation, please consult the healthcare provider who prescribed them before making any changes to your program.
Q. Will I lose weight as a result from doing this program?
A. Yes, if you are overweight. you will most likely lose weight as a result from doing this program Our intention, when we created the 14 Day Detox, was to support people in maintaining lean muscle mass while burning fat. It is essential that you follow the eating guidelines outlined in the 14-Day guide in order to have optimal results.
Q. Do I have to stop drinking coffee while doing this program?
A. Yes. In order to receive the best results, eliminating coffee from your diet for the 14 days is highly recommended. If this would stop you from doing the program, we recommend that, at the very least, you change your coffee habit to something different during the program. By reducing your consumption or increasing the quality of the coffee you are drinking (organic and pesticide free), you will able to get notable results from the program.
Q. What do you mean when you say that the 14 Day Detox is a “foundation” based program?
A. Most detoxification programs are depravational based programs in that they eliminate valuable nutrients from your diet and are meant to be done for a short period of time. The 14 -Day Anti-Aging Detox Program was developed so you can actually stay on the diet it recommends once it is over. The whole concept to create a new relationship with food, build a new foundation from which you can grow and become more vibrant and healthy.
Q. If I slip up and eat or drink something that is not n the program, will it ruin the results? Will I have to start all over again?
A. No, this will not "ruin" your program. Because this is a foundational based program, it is meant to help you incorporate lasting change into your lifestyle. As long as you stay aware of all of the choices you are making and make an effort to do your best, when the program is complete, you will decide if you did everything you could do to achieve the results that you wanted to achieve.
Q. If I forget to take a Clearing and Support Packet or miss taking an Optimal Healing Formula shake, what should I do?
A. If you realized that you forgot to take one of your supplements packs or shakes, simple get back on the program. You can always extend your program and use the supplements until they are finished.
Q. Can I get sick as a result of doing the 14 -Day Detox?
A. It is always a possibility that you can have a negative reaction as a result from detoxing. We have taken all of this into consideration when developing our program so that you do not "detox" too quickly which brings on symptoms of a cold or flu. If you happen to experience some negative symptoms (which are outlined in the program guide book)either reduce the products in half or stop the program and consult your physician.
Q. What is the best way to follow up after competing this program?
A. Once you have completed the 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox program, you have many options. Staying mindful to your diet while concentrating on consuming nutritious foods and avoiding toxins will be your new foundation of health. Take a look at our Maintenance Kits, found on the product page. You'll find a kit combination that is perfect for your lifestyle and goals.
Q. I have noticed that I have become constipated or am not eliminating daily. What can I do to help this while on the detox?
A. Everyone is different as is their body chemistry and its requirements. The elimination of grains can sometimes lead to constipation. In this case, we usually recommend you adding a small amount of non-gluten grain into your main meal (if during the intensive phase). A small amount like a 1/2 cup of brown rice or quinoa. Another option is to add fresh ground flaxseed (whole seeds put into an electric grinder like the ones used for coffee beans) and add to one of your optimal healing shakes. 1 to 2 tablespoon should do the trick. If grinding them fresh is not an option, then getting a good source of Flax oil, usually in the refirgerated section, dark bottle, and add the same amount into one of your OHF shakes. The last recommendation is to drink a small amount of Aloe Juice each day..1/4 to 1/2 cup. We like Georges Aloe Juice the best (virtually tasteless...and thats a good thing)