AJ's Transformational Results

Posted by AJ Karlovich on Jun 10th 2016

"My 14-Day Detox results were 
nothing more than transformational, 
and even better – long lasting."

It's cloudy today, and as I often do, I find myself staring out the window. Perhaps it's a constant metaphor to my life. Dreams seem to always be tapping on my window pane. Upstate New York, Brooklyn, Milan, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Manhattan, Eastern Washington, Jackson Hole – I guess you could say that I’ve looked out many windows in my life.

I work hard to stay present, to keep my body aligned, in-tune and balanced. However, life, as we all know, has its own plan for us. I can never get too comfortable, because at any moment things can change. In those “too comfortable” moments I can get knocked off balance. That is something that I have grown used to – but before I dreaded it, today I welcome it.

Building on a Clean Slate
A few months ago a friend told me about the Burn & Build Body 14 Day Anti-Aging Detox. With a little deliberation, I decided to give it a try. My results were nothing more than transformational, and even better – long lasting. It was a “reset” to remove what my body could not, and to build on top of a clean slate.

Enhancing My Beliefs
The Detox helped me achieve the body I wanted inside and out. Even more, it enhanced my existing beliefs on personal health. Beliefs are what shape and anchor my choices in life. It provided an evolution in my beliefs about what it means to live a truly healthy lifestyle. It transformed my life in such a positive way that I’ve been motivated to practice what I preach – and also reach out to show the world that others can to.

"The Detox helped me achieve the body I wanted, both inside and out."

Testing My Moral Ground
A recent break-up sent me from New York City to my childhood home in rural Upstate New York. In many ways I felt like my moral ground and resolve were being tested and that I was being knocked all the way back to the beginning of my journey.

Normally, I would have begun entertaining an old routine with negative thoughts and depression – but this time I was optimistic. I had chosen to take control and live a positive lifestyle during the 14-Day Detox. My body (and mind) was still my temple and I was giving it all the love that it deserved.

"...this time I was optimistic. I had chosen to take control and live a positive lifestyle during the 14-Day Detox."

Upstate, I didn't have my “sweat-till-you-drop” gym two blocks away, but I had a field of green grass to use, and my imagination. Old bricks and cinder blocks became dumbbell weights. The tree limb became a pull-up bar. My favorite back country roads became my treadmill. And instead of my city organic grocer, I had a local country farmers market, perfect for my Burn & Build Body lifestyle.

What Influences and Protects Us
We all have setbacks, but our lifestyles are what pick us back up. The people we choose to have around us, the places we choose to go, the thoughts we choose to entertain, the supplements and food we choose to consume – all influence, nourish and protect us. If we build a foundation with what is good for us, that foundation will provide stability and balance to overcome outside challenges.

Every day is a gift and a new chance to become who are meant to be. In the end the choice is left up to us. So I'll finish with what has become my tagline and my truth...

"Be your change today and you will live it tomorrow"

With Belief & Encouragement, 
AJ Karlovich

AJ is a certified Life Coach and Master Life Coach from the American Union of Neuro-Linguistic Programmers, has an Associates in Liberal Arts from SUNY Orange, and a BA in Political Science from the University at Albany. He is also a published Author as well as an international Model/Actor.

His latest book is The Question that Created the Universe.