I Lost Almost 17 Pounds on My Detox!

Posted by Andrea Lockett on Oct 23rd 2015

I picked up the Burn & Build Body program two weeks before I started the program. I wanted to give myself the best chance of succeeding by cutting back on my caffeine addiction and reading all of the materials to fully understand what I was getting myself into...

My Powerful Commitments

I did four things that positioned me to stay focused and inspired:

1. I made a commitment to do the program without cheating
2. I decided that I would only weigh myself twice; once at the beginning and once at the end. 
3. I bought the my detox shopping list foods and then donated or tossed out all restricted foods to avoid temptation.
4. I told family, friends and work colleagues what I was doing so they wouldn’t try to tempt me off the Detox program. 

And it worked! 

During the Initial Phase

Before I started the the program I often ate just once or twice a day if I was lucky – and I drank tons of coffee to fill in the gaps and help me get through my busy schedule.

The "Clearing Phase" made me eat all the time and gave me the opportunity to expand my culinary repertoire. Finding substitutes for my favorite food pairings became an adventure. Instead of mashed potatoes with tons of butter I upgraded to pureed cannellini beans drizzled with a garlic infused olive oil and fresh thyme.

I started moving by taking walks a few times a day or doing Pilates. Breaking up my exercise into smaller blocks of time worked for me because of my hectic schedule.

I was compelled to continue the clearing phase for another week because I realized that I wanted to make the changes part of my post-detox lifestyle.

 Rick and Steven, thank you for supporting me in this decision as I believe it made all the difference.

During the Optimal Healing Phase

The Optimal Healing Formula vanilla bean shake with almond milk had me at first sip! I felt like I was cheating! I was reminded of being a kid and sticking my finger in the batter when my mom would bake a cake. Mmmm.

The Lifestyle Integration Phase

Integration – It was a cinch! The hard part was over – and the 14-days of the detox had transformed my lifestyle so it was easy to maintain my changes.

When I started the detox program it made some radical promises. They said that I’ll eat on this program, I’ll become stronger and I’ll lose unwanted body fat. I’m happy to report that I ate, I strengthened & I dropped the pounds!

When I completed the program I stepped on the scale weighed 17 pounds lighter, with radiant skin, a sustainable eating regime and a smile on my face.

For me the Build & Burn Body’s 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox program was evidence of a promise fulfilled and a life transformed.  Thank you for this life changing program.