Muscle & Joint Repair Formula

Muscle & Joint Repair Formula

DOCTOR RECOMMENDED. Daily muscle and joint formula for anyone who wants to keep active - running, weight training or has a chronic condition.
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  • Product Description

    Anti-inflammatory Support

    Muscle & Joint Repair Formula supports pain relief and a reduced inflammation. The formula also supports injury prevention as a daily maintenance pack, and assists acute conditions using one pack in the morning and a second before bedtime.

    The effects of this Formula increase over time. As your joints and muscles become less inflamed, they will hurt less and begin the repair process. 


    • Inflammation reduction
    • Muscle & joint healing
    • Maintenance of Muscle & joints
    • Post surgery & arthritic conditions


    • Glucosamine + Chondrotin Formula
    • Vitamin + Mineral Formula
    • Magnesium + Valerian Formula
    • Calcium + Magnesium Formula

    Each pill or capsule contains enzymes to assist with assimilation and the effectiveness of the formula.


    The use of one Optimal Healing Formula smoothie daily supports Muscle & Joint Repair Formula healing benefits.

    Please see the "Other Details" tab for additional product information.

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    1. No more ibuprofen & meloxicam!

      Just a note that I’ve replaced pain pills (ibuprofen and meloxicam) with Muscle & Joint Repair Formula packets, and Optimum Healing Formula shakes!!

      I also replaced coffee with Rocket Fuel a couple months ago. Now I'm down 10 pounds with your Detox and vegan shakes as a meal replacement!

      So thank you thank you!
      on Oct 7th 2016

    2. Recommended Highly

      I use Muscle & Joint Repair Formula. It has the quality and complex array of supplements that I would use if I was creating my own product. It's a product that I always recommend to my orthopedic patients. The individual serving packets are convenient, and mean that my patients will take them. on Oct 22nd 2015

    3. No Prescription Side Effects!

      The combination of supplements I now use to maintain my new health and joints include
      Muscle & Joint Repair Formula, Optimal Healing Formula shakes and Rockit Fuel.

      My inflammation is reduced and I'm happy that this combination is so supportive – without having prescription side effects
      on Oct 22nd 2015

    4. Bravo!

      I can't say enough about Burn & Build Body products! The products and the creators themselves have been one of my coveted secret weapons in life!

      I have accomplished fitness goals that I didn't think would be possible with their help! One of them… achieving the award of "top 5 world fitness competitor, in my first ever competition. !
      This product will always be apart of my life… ALWAYS!!! Thank you for your brilliance, wisdom and awesome supplements!
      on Oct 22nd 2015

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  • Other Details

    Directions: Take one packet twice daily. Take one packet with breakfast and a second packet just before bed.
    Highlights: A unique muscle and joint supplement with a complex healing formula - in single serving packets.
    Servings: 30 individual packets
    FDA Disclaimer: The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
    Cautions: Do not use if the safety seal is missing or broken. Consult your licensed health care practitioner before use and keep out of reach of children.
    Storage: Store tightly sealed in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate.
    Quality: Muscle & Joint Repair Formula meets or exceeds cGMP quality standards. Made in the USA.