Healthy Cooking


Clean Your Food 

Thoroughly rinse all vegetables, lettuce, and greens before using. The use of vegetable and fruit “soap” is recommended for removing pesti- cide residues. Grains should also be thoroughly rinsed before being cooked.

Cooking Vegetables

The best way to cook vegetables is to steam them. Boiling destroys their nutrient content. Be careful not to overcook them; vegetables should be a little crunchy, not soggy.

Cooking Meat

Ground meat should be lean and always cooked to well done. Other meat cuts can be cooked to your preference, although medium or medium-rare better preserve nutrients.

Cooking Poultry

Remove the skin of all fowl before cooking. Use a thermometer when roasting to determine when poultry is done.

Cooking Fish

Fish may smell a bit like the sea, but never bad. Do not eat it if it does. Make sure fish is cooked all the way through.

Steaming Fish & Poultry

You can steam your fish and poultry in a stacking bamboo steamer. If you want to steam vegetables at the same time, put your fish or poultry on the bottom steamer and your vegetables on the top one. Vegetables will usually cook faster than protein, so simply remove the top steamer and continue cooking the fish or chicken until done. You’ll be surprised at how tender and moist your food will be. 



Broil, steam, bake grill, roast or saute instead! Highly heated oils become unhealthy and contain toxins.

With Salt

Do not salt foods – at least until after they have been cooked. When you do, salt lightly and use unbleached, crystal or sea salt. Celtic Sea Salt is the best.

Microwave Ovens

Microwaving changes the chemical structure of your food. It’s not a form that is beneficial to your body.


Aluminum is a highly toxic metal. Aluminum molecules enter food that is cooked, covered or stored in aluminum pots, cans or foil. Teflon coatings do not prevent aluminum for leaching into food.


Unless you have a healthy digestive system, many raw vegetables can be difficult to digest. This can create “gas” and bloating for those with a weak digestive system. Lightly steaming vegetables is the best choice for the first month or two of a health renewal program. Then add raw vegetables back into your diet slowly.


 Live Long & Powerfully