Anti-Inflammatory Drink

Anti-Inflammatory Drink


This juice beverage is easy to make at home, provides an alkaline reaction in the body and helps reduce systemic inflammation.

This is an excellent drink to support the elimination of toxins on any of our programs. And it is supportive at anytime,  it's one of our favorite drinks. Serve it cool or warm. 

1/3 cup             Lemon Juice
2-1/2 cups        Water
1tsp                  Turmeric
1/4 tsp              Cardamon
1/4 tsp              Cumin
1/4 tsp              Corriander 
3 tbsp               Maple syrup (optional)

Squeeze the lemons (this is approximately 2 lemons) and strain the seeds.

Add all of the ingredients together in a covered pitcher or glass water bottle.

Shake well.

Adjust to your personal "sweet" taste preference.

Shake or stir each time prior to using. 

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