Burn & Build Body About Us

Rick Dinihanian and Steven Margolin founders of Burn & Build Body

The inspiration for creating our line of anti-aging products came from our clients and patients. We have to express our thanks  – because without their requests, trust and support none of this would have been created. Burn & Build Body was launched from Longevity Health our holistic wellness center in Manhattan where the products are available for retail purchase. 

We created a "Balanced Detox" program that is non-deprivational, user friendly and based on nutrition, supplementation and healthy eating. It is the first of its kind to be created by a fitness trainer and a doctor.
We believe that great change, even planetary change, begins within each one of us. When we detoxify ourselves, we see more clearly, and even the greening of the earth becomes a natural process. Creating health within ourselves is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and those who love us.
A small pebble dropped in a large pond makes great ripples.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide men and women with healthy lifestyle essentials:  the highest quality detoxification, nutrition and “foundation” based supplementation – along with the inspiration and education necessary to take steps towards enhancing the quality of their lives. 
All of the Burn & Build Body anti-aging products and formulations are an extension of our passions for helping others achieve a healthy, vibrant and physically fit lifestyle.
Rick Dinihanian, CFT and Dr. Steven Margolin                                    

Photo: Nilaya Sabnis, NilayaSabins.com