10 Detox Tips

Our 14-Day Anti-Aging Detox clears the body and mind. It is an active external activity that allows our body to quiet inwardly and to increase it’s natural ability to detoxify. By including exercise as well as quiet time as well as healing therapies amplifies your results. These are some simple, proven tips to help you during your 14-Day Program. 

1. Raise your Heartrate
Include at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day. Movement will help your body process and eliminate toxins. 

2. Still Your Mind
Meditate or create uninterrupted quiet time. Particularly upon rising and before bed. 

3. Body Work
Make time to have a weekly massage or other body work. Massage will help your lymph system detoxify and speed your transformation.

4. Flush out the Toxins
Drink at least 8 glasses of water to help flush toxins out.

5. Nature Heals
Spend time in nature, in the woods or at the beach. Soak in the negative ions and clean air.

6. Go Alkaline
Chiropractic care and acupuncture – as well as massage – create an alkaline chemical reaction in your body. You want this, especially while eliminating toxins.

7. Get a Facial
Your skin assists with the removal of toxins. During the second week of your detox, a facial will make your skin glow. 

8. Iron is Good
Exercise with moderate weight training. But don’t overdo it to the point of stressing your body.

9. Water Treatments
Soak in magnesium bath flakes or epsom salts before bed.

10. Don't forget the z's
Get at least 8 hours of restful sleep each night.

And be sure download funny movies and watch them. Laughter heals.


 Live Long & Powerfully